Wooden Rainbow Play Gym


Wooden Rainbow Play Gym with 3 slots to dangle some gorgeous felt friends. Tell us your nursery theme and we will custom make to your need.

Dimensions: 600mm H x 500mm W


The Wooden Rainbow Play Gym, an original design addition to your nursery. This play gym is not only unique looking but provides an essential piece of equipment for your childs’ development.

Auditory, sensory, gross motor, visual and tactile development can all be achieved through the use of this beautiful and functional tool. And it is lightweight, making it easy to move.

Every time you change your baby they will have a minute or two to look at the gorgeous, bright coloured, no pill felt friends you have dangling from this frame and gain a bit of development while you do what’s necessary. This tool provides amazing development without any effort on your part as a busy parent.


Height 600mm

Width 500mm

(Fits a standard changing mat)


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